The Bacon Obsession

"But Bacon Though!"

I'm sure nearly every vegan has had someone say to them "but bacon". Yeah we get it, ALOT of people like bacon, but why? Some may say bacon has nailed the perfect balance between sweet, salty and smoky flavour. Others might not say anything but just drool like Home Simpson with a donut.


Bit of the back story 

Bacon isn't a new invention, so why has the obsession exploded over the past 20 years? An article by David Sax on suggests, "The Bacon Boom Was Not an Accident".

In summary, in the US, to recover from loss in sales in the 80's caused by the 'fat-free' food craze: 

  • the American Pork Industry funded development in precooked bacon technology. 
  • The Pork Board lobbied restaurant chains to develop bacon-based menu items, and subsidized recipe development and market research.
  • Catchphrases were introduced by the National Pork Board "Bacon Makes It Better".
  • Rebranded as a "flavour enhancer"

  In short - the pork industry told us to love bacon. And we obediently complied.


Bacon went Bananas

The lobbying worked and then some. "Around 2000 is when bacon became the third condiment behind salt and pepper". Obviously it wouldn't be in so many hearts (literally and metaphorically) if it didn't taste good to a lot of people. The demand was created and then bacon exploded in every direction with the growing demand. Books, t-shirts, desserts, festivals, an array of flavoured cosmetics, flavoured lube, even babies being called Bacon! It has become a very profitable business, but at what cost?


Bacon had a heartbeat

Bacon has been described as "the ultimate expression of freedom", but sadly the irony is that it is a result of the complete opposite. Animals Australia tested out advertising bacon truthfully and people were shocked!

The animal cruelty is enough to stop some people from eating pig bacon but it's not enough for others, so thankfully the world of alternative bacon has been created and continues to evolve to master the flavour and texture so many people love in bacon.


What we are doing about it 

At Nagev, we are all about the flavour so we hunted down one of the leading bacon alternatives to give our customers a Tasty, cruelty-free & healthier alternative to bacon dishes they already love and even some special items like 'smoked maple (pb) bacon glaze donuts' just for fun and Oh eM Ghe Flavour!


Your table awaits, see you soon!

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