New Menu Alert!

We have been busy behind the scenes here at Nagev, updating our menu based on popular demand and making more space for more customers to enjoy the delish food in house.


Rebranded Menu

To save you missing out on breakfast or lunch items, or even to help you justify having ice-cream early morning we have made our menu "Brunch - All Day". So if you've had a late night and can only stumble in to Nagev at 2pm, no judgment here, order the big 'Traditional Breakfast' anytime to get you through the day.



New Highlights:

All the favourites are still on the menu with the addition of a few treats exclusive to Nagev:


Prepare yourself for a weekly ritual of having pancakes at Nagev. We are serving a stack of 3 pancakes with vanilla ice cream, berry compote (oO fancy), fresh fruit and Oh Yeah - home made notela (vegan nutella). It's so good if we do say so ourselves.


Our very own creation of plant based Smoke Salmon is on the official menu due to demand. Recreating a fish flavour and texture is a challenge our wonderful chef Niss accepted and smashed out the park! You don't have to worry about mercury levels or animal cruelty with this fresh delish dish (unfortunately some carrots were harmed in the making of this dish).


Coffee lovers we got you covered too. Introducing 'Nagev Brew', a tantalizing glass of sparkling filter coffee with a shot of espresso. Great way to start the day or toast midday or for those afternoon slums, basically it's great anytime.



We will also continue to have a weekend special here and there so keep an eye on our FB or Instagram for the latest news, or just schedule in a weekly visit to see us so you never miss out, and with the new out door eating area you can bring the whole fam.


See ya Soon!

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