Nagev - How it all started

Let’s face it; many of us are guilty of a sneaky impulse buy on the internet, yet it’s the guys behind the popular plant based cafe, Nagev, who took it to the next level – and we’re so glad that they did.

“We were scrolling through Gumtree one day and saw a cafe was up for sale. We all went in, had a look around, put in an offer and within a week, we owned our very own cafe”

Within a month of owning the shop, Nagev doors opened on Monday, July 11th 2016, and its Lucie, Nissa and Ryan who you need to thank the next time you’re sipping on a coconut and matcha smoothie bowl, or biting into a plant based, ground beef burger with sweet potato fries at Nagev. They began developing the idea of owning a plant based cafe when Lucie started to challenge Nissa by telling her, “Bet you can’t make this vegan”. It’s safe to say, that those in Adelaide who have tried her cooking, would beg to differ; Nissa is boss at what she does.

Before the cafe, Ryan and Lucie had another business operating in the CBD called Market Meals - an online, closed kitchen where all ingredients are directly sourced from the central markets and delivered to businesses around the city in the most ecologically sustainable way. From there, they began wholesaling vegan cakes to cafes around Adelaide under the name Nagev, when they jumped at the opportunity to combine the principles of Market Meals and Nagev into the cafe they run today.

Nagev’s success is due to each owner bringing their own aspects to the cafe. Ryan is the behind-the-scenes business man. Lucie is the bubbly customer service guru, amazing barista and pie genius. And Nissa, the creative mind behind the menu, on top of that, she bakes all the cakes.

Their goal is short and sweet, much like their desserts, to make anything vegan, and do it well. Adelaide is an absolute hotspot for vegan growth at the moment, and even though there are several pre-existing vegan businesses in Adelaide, none of them offer the extensive range that Nagev does.

“We wanted to make all the food and bake all the cakes/sweets that people believed couldn’t be vegan. We want our customers to walk in, have a coffee, have a pie, a sweet, or a sit down meal and it be fully vegan. People are becoming more aware of what they are eating, either for animal ethics, environmental reasons, spiritual reasons or overall health reasons .With this being said, we hope that Nagev is a foundation for a larger movement to happen in the city in the next few years coming” - Nissa Doswell

Only three months in, the multitalented bunch behind Nagev have expansion plans launching specialty vegan dessert nights. The first event being held on Friday the 28th of October. Nagev are servicing private events without having to compromise dietary choices for family and friends, as well as wholesaling their products all over Adelaide. 

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  • Well done ✅ Nagev. Great tasting food , light breezy cafe feel, very friendly staff and easy location .

    Bernadette Mullen

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